Austcham Awards 2008

Austcham Awards 2008
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SafeComs wins plaudits for offering best value
September 10, 2008

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SafeComs Thailand, a Bangkok-based company specialising in comprehensive network security for computer systems, has been honoured with the runner-up award in the best SME category by the Australia-Thailand Chamber of Commerce.

“Nobody in town is doing what we do, which is providing secure business solutions to small and medium companies in Thailand at a fair price, with a very low initial investment and no requirement for full time in-house IT staff. We are inventing solutions and creating tools that don’t presently exist”, SafeComs chairman and chief executive Bernard Collin, said.

After its conception in Australia in 1999, Collin launched the Asian branch of SafeComs in Bangkok four years later. Prior to SafeComs, Bernard was the chief executive of the European Office for Pacer Software of Boston, Massachusetts for 10 years. He has also served as the European marketing manager for the PC division for Digital Equipment, based in Geneva and was regional sales manager for Apple Computer Europe and was based in Paris.

Collin said SafeComs was proud to be one of the thirteen finalists selected by the judges for the seven separate categories of the “14thAustCham Thailand Business Awards 2008”, which his company was also eligible for the Business of the Year award.

SafeComs Thailand also provides Internet-security audits, license-legalisation audits, critical-backup solutions, anti-spam services and a flexible network of outsourcing solutions, consultancy and general IT needs designed for SMEs.

In October, SafeComs Thailand received the best startup of the year from the Benelux Chamber of Commerce.

(courtesy – 10th September 2008)

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NTCC – Beluthai Awards – 2007

NTCC - Beluthai Awards - 2007
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9th Annual NTCC Beluthai Business Awards Ceremony
October 11, 2007
NTCC Awards 2007 Business Award Ceremony
9th NTCC Beluthai Awards

Every year, the NTCC and Beluthai host their “Awards Ceremony for Business Excellence”. This year’s ceremony held on the 11th October in the ballroom of the Conrad hotel in the presence of a very prestigious guest Khun Abhisit Vejjejiva, honored several outstanding corporations that have exhibited true excellence and innovation in their field, while at the same time maintaining high standards in corporate citizenship.

The chosen Awards categories:

  • Multinational company
  • SME/Start-Up company
  • Exporting company
The jury consisting of Dr Pakpachong Wattanasindhu (chair, Chulalongkorn University), Ian Woo (The Nation), Henk Kiks (B-Quik), Claude Vincent (Walloon Trade Commissioner) and Bert Cesar (NTCC and Beluthai) received a total of 9 nominations, from these 6 nominees were short listed and interviewed by at least 2 members of the Jury.

During the ceremony the proud winners of each category to receive a commemorative plaque were:

Hanky Panky Toys Thailand Ltd winning the Award in the category of Export companies can be considered among the world market leaders in producing magic boxes with 99% of their components sourced in Thailand. All the products are developed in their Chonburi facilities. They also contribute to society by bringing many famous magicians over to Thailand.

SafeComs Network Security Consulting can be described as a fast growing and innovative company that have created a line of security products for SMEs. They also are strong advocates for the use of legal software.

Recreational Bangkok Biking Ltd
winning the Award for the most innovative SME Company organizes trips through unknown parts of Bangkok and donate to charities with money collected from fellow bikers.

Friesland Foods Foremost (Thailand) PCL
winning the Award in the category of multinational companies are a renowned market leader in dairy products in Thailand. They help the Thai community by helping farmers increase milk production and by taking good care of their employees, they were voted Platinum Brand. This very enjoyable evening started with a cocktail reception followed by a wonderful dinner with each course dedicated to a different element. It was highlighted by the keynote address of Khun Abhisit Vejjajiva and many different shows and performances by Denise Minifield, The Dance Queens and Mrs Veyada Komarakul.
During the whole evening the Royal Navy band played famous tunes from His Majesty the King’s compositions.

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BOI company spotlight of SafeComs

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June 16, 2005

Investment incentives, the availability of talented software engineers and an acceptance of international business concepts influenced SafeComs to establish a Thai office.

SafeComs CEO Bernard Collin (right) and Jared Dandridge (left), business development manager.

SafeComs CEO Bernard Collin (right) and Jared Dandridge (left), business development manager.

Launching an information security business and obtaining full BOI investment incentives for a software development project was easier than SafeComs’ CEO Bernard Collin expected.

Mr. Collin, an entrepreneur who ran a computer networking services company in France for 11 years, launched SafeComs in Bangkok in January. The firm received full BOI investment privileges to develop internet security-related software.

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