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Bank of Thailand Audit

Are you an E-Commerce business which needs the Bank of Thailand license to be compliant for financial transactions over the internet? We can prepare you to obtain this license and then maintain your approved status with annual audits and ongoing consulting.


Bank of Thailand Audit -Safecoms has Audited Foreign as well as Thai Companies to deliver their Security Audit leading to License renewal
Products and services overview
The Bank of Thailand specifies that any organizations that handle payment by Credit Card over a website (e-commerce provider) has to be compliant to specific security requirements.
Recently the Bank of Thailand has been enforcing tighter controls on e-commerce providers, to ensure that they were compliant.
SafeComs has Audited Foreign as well as Thai Companies to deliver their Security Audit leading to License renewal.
Do not get caught without your audit, consult SafeComs to enquire about the cost of an audit.

BoT Compliance Audit

In a nutshell, the e-commerce provider must provide the following:

  • Provide a Security Policy in writing to all Staff
  • Provide training on this security policy regularly to their employees
  • Update the policy to reflect the evolution of technology

The Scope of the Policy

The Scope of the Policy must include:

  • Identification of users of the system
  • Access Control based on Identity
  • Provision of technology to warrant confidentiality of the data
  • Reliable system to secure the transaction
  • Compliance to e-payment Security Technology Policy
  • Provision for a Backup Plan
  • Provision for a Disaster Recovery plan and business continuity plan

The systems and the Policy must be audited once a year in order to maintain the license to practice e-commerce transaction. Penalties are applicable as well as revocation of the license and e-commerce facility in case of non compliance to the annual Audit requirements.

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