Forensic Analysis

Forensic analysis is a process of digital forensics which is the recovery and investigation of material found in digital devices.
Computer Forensic Analysis to find out inside and outside threats

What we do for you

Remove malicious programs

Eliminate malicious software

The majority of hacks are perpetrated to use your computer's resources for illegal purposes. By exploiting vulnerabilities on your system hackers will try to gain access allowing them to use your systems for distributing copyrighted material, to DDOS other computers or to hack other systems. In some cases the hacker will install ransomware that encrypts your files and then prompts you to pay a ransom in order to decrypt them. Regardless the purpose, if your systems are used without your permission it is imperative to clean them quickly. During the electronic discovery process SafeComs will detect and eliminate all tools left behind by hackers.
Protect your business from the outside and inside threats

Identify source of attack

When analyzing a compromised system, SafeComs can extract enormously useful information about attackers' actions by looking through logs, registries, databases, settings etc. Whether an outside attacker compromised your systems, an inside employee engaged in nefarious activities, or malware inexplicably infected the machine, SafeComs will be able to provide more details.
Safecoms provide on site service

Find evidence of "unauthorized" activities

SafeComs will also search, obtain, secure and process any electronic evidence regarding unauthorized activities on your systems. SafeComs will report on files or data stolen, added, copied, removed or send outside your company's' firewall during the breach.

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