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Soirée with PEPPERCAN
April 7, 2011
Mr.Bernard Collin & Professional Entrepreneurs
Soirée with PEPPERCAN came in quick success, right after Petit Déjeuner with PEPPERCAN.

The idea behind Soirée with PEPPERCAN was not only giving delegates a chance to know how PEPPERCAN take their business into higher level, but also meet new friends and have fun.

To practice what PEPPERCAN preaches, PEPPERCAN got a group of professionals together at the British Club on April 4. Mr. Bernard Collins, CEO of PEPPERCAN, and his PEPPERCAN professionals served all the delegates with delicious snack and quality wine. They inspired the delegates to concern about the necessity and benefit of CRM system to every single business in simple language. It helps solve their problems and bring it a huge profit.

The next PEPPERCAN event is in process.

You know, you are highly welcome delegate.

Please visit: for further information.

Let’s share a wonderful moment with PEPPERCAN!

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